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    Hey sexy babiess
    Happypi11 ♥ Welcome ;) This page is ran by 3 girls from New Zealand. Our page has no specific genre but it'll mostly consist of beauty tips, reviews and probably a few rants and vents strung in between. Follow us for free hugs and cookies. xx


    Happy New Years!

    Image by like jazz 
    And so, that concludes another year. Just like that. And what does that mean? It means we get to turn a new leaf and start over. I think this will be a long post so brace yourselves guys, this one's a novel. *prepares for the sudden decline in followers*
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    "Happy New Years!" was Posted On: Saturday, 31 December 2011 @03:25 | 0 comments
    DIY - Au naturel lip exfoliator.

    What you will need :

    1 tsp brown sugar
    1 tsp olive oil
    1 tsp honey

    This natural lip exfoliator is very simple to create. All you have to do is mix all the above ingredients together then apply it to your lips.
    Once applied to the lips, use an old moistened toothbrush and gently massage the product in a circular motion for 20 seconds then wash off and apply lip balm! :D

    There is nothing more unattractive than dry, flaky lips. Above is a simple remedy to prevent/get rid of dry lips and leave them feeling noticeably softer. Also lip gloss and lippy applies a lot smoother afterwards! Plus it's cost effective and easy to make! ♥

    What is the cause of dry, flakey lips?
    Our lips contain no oil glands. So when they're not properly taken care of they easily chap and flake.

    So why is this mixture so effective? 
    That's because it contains olive oil and olive oil is well known for
    it's moisturizing properties. This is because olive oil's fat composition is very similar to that of human skin, it rarely causes allergic reactions. In addition, it's absorbed quickly and helps lock in moisture in the skin.
    The brown sugar in the mixture helps scrub away all the dead skin while the honey
     cleanses the face, removes bacteria and locks in moisture.

    Give this remedy a go, you will not be dissapointed :D

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    "DIY - Au naturel lip exfoliator." was Posted On: Thursday, 22 December 2011 @21:30 | 0 comments
    ♚Summer BB: SKINFOOD Red Orange Jelly BB, #2 Natural Beige, 25g

    *Slaps Self* Haha at first time I used this product, I thought I made another yet terrible mistake.
    I usually apply Toner> Moisturiser after washing my face, but I forgot and applied the bb Jelly straight away then I complained to everyone how drying it was =,,= derpderp.

    ♚RECOMMENDED SKIN TYPES: For this BB Jelly, I think if you have Normal to combination/Oily skin It'll work the best.

    ♚SEASON: This is an AMAZING BB for summer, made for the season yo, as you sweat more and this bb won't slip and slide everywhere. I noticed with most bb creams by the end of the day my face will look TOO shiny. I like dewy skin, but looking like someone just soaked you with grease is a completely different story haha ^^;;
    But with this one, my skin still looks almost like in the morning I applied it. Personally having dry skin, I won't likely to use it in winter though (Prob only my forehead lol).

    I have dry skin, and an oily T-Zone, which means before I use this BB Jelly I have to apply generous amounts of emulsion and moisturiser. Tip, If you do have dry skin, let your previous emulsions/moisturiser get almost fully absorbed because this Jelly BB doesn't mix TOO well with other moisturisers, its not bad when it does, but its not the best either la.

    ♚COVERAGE: I has mild pinkish bumps here and there + uneven skintone and the coverage for this is sheer, and my skin looks natural!!! I tried layering it, but I found layering is SLIGHTLY more difficult that other creams. Maybe because its not cream, it duh jello. But the lasting power is GOOD, with other BB creams usually it oxidises and becomes more sheer after applying it and I have to admit its annoying BUT NOT WIS THIS ONE!! *happyhappy*

    ♚FINISH: Is matte, alos very very smooth. mmmm...smooooth xD

    The pact isn't anything too extra ordinary, gets rid of all the grease on my forehead. YAY!

      A++ For Oily/Combination skin types (Especially hot weather)
      B+ For Combination/normal dry-ish/awkward skin types.
    I guess dry skin can use it on those sweaty hot days ^^

    Other notes: It smells like the orange falvoured Jello you buy at the Supermarket.

    I will have some before after pics up soon ^^

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    "♚Summer BB: SKINFOOD Red Orange Jelly BB, #2 Natural Beige, 25g" was Posted On: Wednesday, 21 December 2011 @03:14 | 1 comments
    ♚Skinfood: Upcoming Reviews

     SKINFOOD All Over Muffin Cake Finish, #5 Cocoa Cream
     SKINFOOD Red Orange Sun Pact, SPF50 PA+++, 9.5g
     SKINFOOD Red Orange Jelly BB, #2 Natural Beige, 25g
     SKINFOOD Choco EyeBrow Powder Cake, #1 Grey Khaki black
    SKINFOOD Apple Liquid Eye Liner, #1 Black

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    "♚Skinfood: Upcoming Reviews" was Posted On: Tuesday, 20 December 2011 @14:03 | 0 comments
    Cellphones cause acne?

    So recently my skin has decided to be a total bitchachos and break out like crazy. They weren't like normal pimples.. they were a lot worse but to save you all from disgust I won't describe them. What made things weirder was that the breakouts were all located on one spot of my face, on the right side around the hair line.

    This was very strange, it has never happened to me before. I wash my face twice daily.. I didn't understand at all. For the next few days I cleansed like a maniac. 5 Times a day at most but it did nothing.. so i decided to do a little research. (HALLELUJAH for Google!) And I found out the cause of my acne can be because of my phone.


    Wait, phones can cause acne? Weird but true.

    So with the help of Google I found out that constant use of a mobile phone can cause bacteria build up on the screen. And placing it near your face can cause clogged pores that cause skin irritation and even worse, acne! If I think about it, it's not suprising at all. My hands go through the day touching door handles, food, table tops, keyboards and what not. I also find that I place my phone on top of restaurant tables, public bathroom counter tops frequently. And all those germs/bacteria/yukky stuff is transferred onto my mobile phone. D:

    And according to a report I read on this issue, "cell phone handsets are more contaminated than shoes, door knobs and toilets." gross! D:<

    There is only one solution to this problem,  chuck out my phone and get a new one D: If you didn't catch on,
    that was a joke btw. All I needed to do was to wipe my phone screen and clean it regularly to avoid unnecessary bacteria from getting onto my skin. It is also important to keep your hands clean. It's as simple as that.

    For now I'm gonna carry on using my new facewash by 10.0.6 (which I will write a review on very soon!) and hope the acne goes away in the next few days!

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    "Cellphones cause acne?" was Posted On: Monday, 19 December 2011 @18:27 | 0 comments
    Review : Geo Angel brown lenses

       Geo Angel brown ♥

    Diameter: 14mm
     Water Content: 42%
    Base Curve: 8.6
    Life Span: 1 Year

    Okay so I had a pair of these lenses earlier on in the year. Sadly they ripped so I couldn't wear them, only recently I decided to buy another pair simply because I love the tone of brown
    and pattern Geo used in this lens.
    The tone of brown looks very flattering on dark eyes. When I look at the design of these lenses, they look rather cartoon-ish? and dolly-like. I was unsure of these lenses when I first saw them but once they were in my eyes they didn't look bad at all. They look subtle and natural until one was to look at your eyes close-up. 
    Although they are subtle they add a very pretty sparkle to the eyes.
    These lenses are very comfortable and I don't feel any 
    hint of discomfort in the first 6 hours, so comfortable to a point I forget I'm wearing them. They also offer an obvious enlargement in eye size. There's
    a very dark, defined outer ring which gives off the enlarging effect. The ring creates an overall
     innocent/dolly eyed look.

    (was too lazy to do my eye makeup, so this will have to do) ;P

    Overall I think these lenses are perfect for those searching for a natural looking lens with an enlarging effect. 
    Well you know the drill, if you have any questions comment below and if you haven't 
    already done so, please subscribe to our YouTube

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    "Review : Geo Angel brown lenses" was Posted @18:16 | 0 comments
    Circle lenses : Basic care and information

    So lets start off with the basic questions.

    What are circle lenses?
    Circle lenses are like your average contact lenses but contain a larger diametre. They are created for those who want bigger looking, dolly-like eyes. These lenses are very popular among Asian teenagers and their popularity is spreading it's wings towards Western countries. 

    Introducing my Brazilian friend who is also seen sporting the Asian trend (>^^)> 
    (yes I know, she's freaking pretty!)

    Are circle lenses safe to use?
    Ok a lot of people will have different opinions on this question but in my opinion, no.
    I reckon if you take care of your lenses properly, clean them properly and follow the basic care tips, you will be fine. Also not wearing them for longer than 8 hours a day or on a regular basis. Also for the stupid and uninitiated, NEVER share your lenses!
    ( Note : Circle lenses are thicker than regular contact lenses which makes it harder for oxygen to reach your cornea, so wearing them on a daily basis is not a good idea!)

    How do I take care of my circle lenses?
    Basic steps to caring for your circle cleans. After each use store your lenses in fresh solution, never use old solution! It is also important to not wear the lenses for more than 6-8 hours as they can be 
    potentially damaging after that. Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean
    when applying or taking out circle lenses. Never wear your lenses to bed. If you
    experience any discomfort at all, take your lenses out.
    Always put on lenses before you apply your make up :)
    Don't use the lenses for over a year.

    How to put in circle lenses

    • To start off, make sure your hands are clean
    • Place the lens on your index finger of the hand corresponding to the eye your putting the lens in
    • Using the index finger of your other hand gently pull down your lower eyelid
    • Now it's time to put it your lens, don't look directly at your finger moving towards your eye as this will cause your eyelids to naturally react and close.
    • Once the lens is in your eye, release the finger tugging onto your lower eyelid and blink.
    Taking out circle lenses
    • Again, start off with clean hands
    • Ok for beginners, use your index finger to lower your lower eyelid. 
    • Then drag the lens downwards, this will create a bubble under the lens.
    • Now you pinch the lens, be careful not to pinch your eye -_-
    • Once you get use to this technique, you will soon be able to pinch out the lens without having to move your lower eyelid or lowering the lens.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and we'll try
    our best to help you out.

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    "Circle lenses : Basic care and information" was Posted On: Thursday, 15 December 2011 @02:07 | 1 comments
    *RANT* Expired Cleansers. Be careful.

     Recently I've been wondering why my skin was starting to break out more and get irritated. I thought it was just genetics because my older brother has almost moon surface face

     (I seriously would've cried if it was genetics, cause nothing can cure that shet o(╥﹏╥)o). 

    Its not that bad, but it was pretty bad acne. I bought another (same) cleanser recently because its almost run out. Then I realized the old cleanser smells.... Kind of similar to feet. Lol. Well not exactly but SLIGHTLY. I think its expired and thats why my skins been growing strange bumps and all sorts .___. Its understandable, I've had the cleanser forever because I stopped using it for a few months and started using it again lawl 0,,0

    Man with Flowers Foam cleanser Punica. Got it from Kosco (Local asian supermarket)
    It has the actress who played Jandi in Boys over flowers! I love her xD
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    "*RANT* Expired Cleansers. Be careful." was Posted On: Thursday, 8 December 2011 @19:14 | 2 comments

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