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    Geo Aster brown circle lens review

    I've had this pair of circle lenses for close to a month now and they're my go-to pair. I've always been more fond of brown circle lenses, it looks so much more natural than the other colours. 

    Geo Aster brown are 15mm in diameter and have a 38% water content.
    They offer obvious enlargement, the tone of brown is natural looking and blends in well with my 
    dark brown eyes. 

    When I first put them in my eyes, the first lens went in fine with no discomfort at all. They went in quite easily and didn't feel much different from my usual 14mm lenses. 

    I wear these lenses on a daily basis and each day for about 8 hours. I haven't experienced any sign of discomfort at all but after 6 hours the lenses do start feeling a bit dry. So from the day I first experienced this, I've always carried
    around eye drops to moisten the lens when the dryness does occur.

    Appearance wise, I really like the look of this lens. There is a black limbal ring on the outside which offers the 
    "enlargement effect." The pattern of the lens makes your eyes appear very shiny looking, doll-like if you must. One down buzz about this lens is that you HAVE to wear eye makeup for it to look balanced. If you don't, the lens appears rather creepy.. -.- 
    This is not  a problem for me since I don't have the balls to leave the house without makeup anyways
    but for those people that don't wear make-up, it can be a pain. One piece of advice, if you don't want your eyes looking freakishly round and "alien-like," take it however, wing your eyeliner! 

    I remember my first look at the lens online, I wasn't too fond of the diagram. It didn't look flattering to me but it was the only lens the site had in my prescription so I went for them out of being desperate to cure my blindness. But but but they look much better in real life than they do in pictures! 

    So without further adieu, here are some pictures~

    Next to princess Mimi Bambi grey

    My camera ran out of battery so I took these couple pictures with my new phone. hehehehe. Okay that was unnecessary but yeah, I'm wearing the lenses in both these pictures. 

    This was the only "clear" photo I got before my camera decided to be a bitch and die. I looked
    like a twat in the pic so I just cropped my eye >:)

    And that concludes my review, you guys know the drill. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. And if you haven't already (And I don't see why you haven't..) Follow us! 

    Until next time! Adios! ♥

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