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    The Body Shop Candied Ginger review

    I bought these few products from The Body Shop over Christmas break, at first I was unsure about the "ginger," it didn't sound nice at all until I got a whiff of the product. I don't know how to describe the scent but  I figure, it smells like ginger beer! Well ginger beer doesn't smell but.. it smells like the taste of ginger beer? Make sense? If not, kinda like a lollipop scent with a hint of ginger. All you need to know is this line smells freaking good!

    Candied Ginger lip balm ♥ I don't like the texture of this lipbalm to be honest, it's slightly sticky ;/
    I hate the feeling of sticky lipglosses/lipbalms/lipsticks. Feels so yukky but with this product, it's 
    only slightly sticky so it doesn't irritate me to an extreme point. You will only
    need a small amount to cover your lips, a little goes a long way. 

    Candied Ginger body scrub ♥  As soon as I opened the cap to this baby the scent made me fall in love. I love how natural this scrub smells, I hate artificial smelling products. They're usually too heavily scented or not even close to the natural scent -.-
    This scrub is surprisingly gentle, I expected it to be similar to the previous exfoliants/scrubs I have used which felt harsh on the skin and if you scrubbed hard enough you could hurt yourself with.
    Even though it's gentle it's effectiveness doesn't fall under the harsher scrubs. After using this product my skin looks somewhat brighter, has a slight glow and feels a hell lot softer!

    Candied Ginger body butter ♥ The Body shop's body butters are one of the top selling
    products in store. They are amazing at moisturizing skin, although they're a bite in the wallet, the effectiveness of the product is definitely worth what they're sold for. And they do last for ages! :)
    The texture is very creamy and absorbs quickly on the skin + it leaves you smelling great! The smell of
    the body butter lasts for atleast 4-5 hours!

    Candied Ginger shower gel ♥ OMG skin feels super duper soft after each use of this product! Plus it fills 
    up my bathroom with the "Candied ginger" scent. Mmm ;3 But honestly for the pricetag it isn't worth it.
    Many body washes from the supermarket can have the same effect. Not to say this isn't
    a great product, it is but many other products can offer the same benefits for a lower price tag.

    end of reviewww. until next time, baibai image

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