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    Happypi11 ♥ Welcome ;) This page is ran by 3 girls from New Zealand. Our page has no specific genre but it'll mostly consist of beauty tips, reviews and probably a few rants and vents strung in between. Follow us for free hugs and cookies. xx


    Susanna's Updated Skincare routine

    Long time no post, how have you all been? 
    To say the least, all us here at HAPPYPI11 have been good, Did you guys miss us? If it's gonna
    hurt, don't say anything haha. It's been so long since any of us properly posted. *Sorry* ;_;
    It's been long overdue for another post, it took me a while to think of what to post and also because
    I haven't posted in so long, this also feels quite unfamiliar. So last minutely I decided to update my skincare routine as I have replaced quite a few products in my regime.

    Pore clearing face scrub ♥

    I began using a scrub by Tenosix. Or now they call it Formula 10.0.6.
    I admit I first bought this scrub because of it's packaging. I'm weak for cute packaging but thankfully, this 
    product carried out what it said it will. I really like this scrub. It works better than other scrubs I've tried. It minimizes my blackheads and make my pores look almost non existent. It quickly removes all my dead skin in a second and also helps to remove left over makeup and dirt. Another plus is it smells really nice too. 

    Skin clarifying mud mask ♥

    Again I bought this product because of it's packaging and also the fact I like buying products from the same line/brand as it looks more "together." And I also believe products in the same line work best together.
    This mask I use once every 3 days as if I use it more, it dries out my skin 
    When I first used this mask, it hurt, a lot! My face felt a slight cooling sensation the first couple seconds then I felt my face heating up. Then my face stung like a bitch but if this product works like it says it does, I'll say the pain is worth it. So I managed to keep this mask on for the recommended 10-15 minutes but boy was I glad to wash this bitch off when it was time. I found that it really worked down into the pores and cleaned them out, clearing my skin immensely. I love it to bits! The second time using this product it felt a lot better, just a slight tingle. But after each use I have to moisturize my skin twice as much on regular days as I find this mask extremely drying but still, it works great! Also on days where I use this mask, I don't exfoliate.. I don't wanna add more damage to what's already damaging. 

    Daily foaming cleanser

    Hehehe yes, I bought this one for it's looks too. But but but, this product works like a charm too! 
    This face cleanser has passion fruit, green tea, and chamomile. It foams up after 5 seconds of massaging and the smell stays while your washing your face. I don’t think the smell of this cleanser is too strong; it has a little floral smell that isn’t overwhelming. I think the smell is a combination of floral and herbal scents. After I rinse my face, I could immediately feel that this cleanser really washed the oil and dirt from my skin. This cleanser is not formulated to cure any skin imperfection such as acne; it was designed to cleanse your face, which is very important to prevent blemishes.

    Milk skin moisturiser & Milk emulsion/toner

    I've already introduced these two products in my previous skin care routine. I don't have much new to say about them so I'll just copy+paste my reviews from last time.

    "Milk contains properties which soothes, hydrates and moisturizes. 
    This moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves a light pleasant fragrance."

    "Has a slight "honey" kind of scent. It's very light and soothing. I use this before applying the
                             moisturizer. Skin feels extra smooth after using this."
    By now, I am absolutely in love with these two, I use these two products back by back every day. They really do wonders! I use the toner first then the moisturiser straight afterwards. My skin feels silky smooth! The products in the pictures are already my 3rd and 4th bottles. I don't ever think I will give up on them or there could be any product better. 

    Well that once again, concludes my post for today. Hopefully I can be bothered to write another post soon but until then I hope you readers stay well and happy *excuse my cheesy shit* but I really mean it :) Happy reading.


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    Geo Forest gray circle lens review

    Yet another circle lens review! Because I'm a circle lense freak. 
    This time around, I will be review the GEO forest gray lens! I desperately wanted this lens after seeing this
    picture right here. 

    They looked so pretty and I liked how in the picture the lens appeared actual grey. Most grey lenses
    I have tried in the past seem to look blue and I hated that. After I recieved these lenses in the mail and tried them on.. I was left rather dissapointed, I realized the picture above was edited or taken in very good lighting because when I tried on this lens.. it looked nothing like they do in the picture. 
    They looked bluey.. -.- FML and the pattern didn't suit me at all, it looked very dolly and didn't suit my make up style. So far, in the month I have purchased them I've only worn them out twice and I don't
    plan to wear them any more than that. 

    Apart from the dissapointment of the appearance the lens like all the other GEO lenses are very comfortable and don't feel dry and stick to your eye too often. There was no sign of itchiness or redness. All is good. *thumbs up*

    I'm not saying the appearance of these lenses is bad, I'm saying that they weren't for me. They don't suit me  or look the way I want them too. But if you like the way they look then go ahead and buy them :) 

    I will try to blog again soon to apologize for the lack of posts the past few months so I will save goodbye for the next post >:)

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    RAVE - Biore Pore Unclogging scrub ♥ ♥ ♥

    I bought this product yesterday, yep yesterday and I'm already writing a post about it. 

    This product is amazing! I've forgotten about all the other 'great' scrubs and cleansers I've used because this one by Biore definitely tops the list. It is that amazing! After just one use, I noticed brighter, more polished looking skin and my skin feels much softer and smoother.

    Apart from how great it works I also love the scent of the product.
    It has a refreshing cucumber smell that is not overpowering like some cleansers/scrubs I have tried in the past.

    The Biore Pore Unclogging scrub contains micro beads which helps buff away dead
    skin cells and enable a deeper clean. The beads aren't harsh, they're very
    gentle and don't irritate the skin. It's super effective for sensitive skin.
    It has a very smooth, creamy texture which makes me forget it's a scrub. It feels more like a foam or cream cleanser.

    What's got me so hooked on this product is that overnight I noticed a dramatic
    difference in the texture of my skin plus I've noticed disappearances of
    these little, unpleasant bumps on my skin and shrinkage in the sizes of my pimples.

    I'm usually a lazy person when it comes to cleansing my face, I like products
    which are quick and effective. Nothing too complicated and this product does that for me. It is super easy to use, not messy and very effective. 

    There really isn't much else for me to say so the review will end here :)
    until next time, baibai ♥
    ( sorry too lazy to take pictures~ will add them in later )

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    Gatsby Moving Rubber Air Rise review

    I don't know if you guys remember but I did a review on a few Gatsby waxes a couple months ago. Well this time I'm back with another one on the green one. The shade of green they used is really cuteee.
    I prefer the appearance of this wax to all the other colours. Haha but I'm not going to judge the quality of the product on it's appearance. That would just be wrong.. but it's so so cute! Just saying.

    I haven't heard a lot about the "Air Rise," most of my guy friends go for the pink or purple for it's hold and
    ability to style hair. Green is one of the least popular out of all the Moving rubbers, even after hearing this
    I don't know why I bought it, the reviews weren't great but I was glad I did because this became my 
    favourite wax from the whole collection. 

    So why you may ask? The texture of this product is very similar to moisturizer, it's very light and not thick and sticky like the pink and purple.. it's so light that you don't feel it in your hair at all. Feels like you aren't
    using any product. It creates a soft tousled look, great for those who want a bit of texture in their hair but nothing too wild. I would say this product is more for females as it goes better with longer layered hair.

    It's very easy to apply.. takes close to no effort. You just work it into your hair and it's done. I find with the other waxes you have to fix it a million times to get your hair in the position you want it to be in but with this one, it doesn't have such a strong hold so it's perfect for those on the go or don't want to spend so much time and effort with their hair.  For me, I just work it through my hair after straightning and fix it with some hair spray then I'm done. Simple and efffffective. SUPPPERRR EFFECTIVE* Okay excuse me for bein a dick, I just got home from a night out.. not exactly feeling myself.. woopdeedoo. And that's probably shown also in how I'm randomly highlighting stuff ;D 

    Oh and for those that haven't read the previous Gatsby review, all their moving rubber waxes smell like apples. Nomnomnom

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    Daily skincare routine - Susanna

    The skincare products I have been using on my skin everyday over the few month.
    (Nothing fancy.) image

    imageGarnier Pure Active - Blackhead clearing scrub.
    This is a scrub I've been using for almost half a year. It's so good, I always end up
    going to my nearest supermarket to get another when I run out.
    If used properly, all blackheads should clear within one week and you notice a difference after only 3 days! It also reduces the marks from previous breakouts, evens out complexion and lightens dark spots like previous acne scars etc. It is non-drying and prevents breakouts image
    I use this every morning.

    imageClearasil - Rapid Action Gel wash
    I needed something more gentle in comparison to the scrub above for night use. 
    This product claims to reduce the size of breakouts within 12 hours which is why I use it at night. 
    Works while I sleep. And it does as it says, breakouts not only shrink in size and depending on how big the pimple was to begin with, they usually dissapear completely for me. But in the cases they don't, there is a noticeable decrease in redness when I wake. image

    imageBeauty Credit - Milk Skin
    Milk contains properties which soothes, hydrates and moisturizes. 
    This moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves a light pleasant fragrance.

    imageBeauty Credit - Milk Emulsion
    Has a slight "honey" kind of scent. It's very light and soothing. I use this before applying the
    moisturizer. Skin feels extra smooth after using this. Other than that,
    I really have nothing else to say about the product image
    It's pretty mediocre but I don't like wasting my shit so I'm gonna use this to the last drop. #Asian

    Like I said, nothing special.

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    Geo Aster brown circle lens review

    I've had this pair of circle lenses for close to a month now and they're my go-to pair. I've always been more fond of brown circle lenses, it looks so much more natural than the other colours. 

    Geo Aster brown are 15mm in diameter and have a 38% water content.
    They offer obvious enlargement, the tone of brown is natural looking and blends in well with my 
    dark brown eyes. 

    When I first put them in my eyes, the first lens went in fine with no discomfort at all. They went in quite easily and didn't feel much different from my usual 14mm lenses. 

    I wear these lenses on a daily basis and each day for about 8 hours. I haven't experienced any sign of discomfort at all but after 6 hours the lenses do start feeling a bit dry. So from the day I first experienced this, I've always carried
    around eye drops to moisten the lens when the dryness does occur.

    Appearance wise, I really like the look of this lens. There is a black limbal ring on the outside which offers the 
    "enlargement effect." The pattern of the lens makes your eyes appear very shiny looking, doll-like if you must. One down buzz about this lens is that you HAVE to wear eye makeup for it to look balanced. If you don't, the lens appears rather creepy.. -.- 
    This is not  a problem for me since I don't have the balls to leave the house without makeup anyways
    but for those people that don't wear make-up, it can be a pain. One piece of advice, if you don't want your eyes looking freakishly round and "alien-like," take it however, wing your eyeliner! 

    I remember my first look at the lens online, I wasn't too fond of the diagram. It didn't look flattering to me but it was the only lens the site had in my prescription so I went for them out of being desperate to cure my blindness. But but but they look much better in real life than they do in pictures! 

    So without further adieu, here are some pictures~

    Next to princess Mimi Bambi grey

    My camera ran out of battery so I took these couple pictures with my new phone. hehehehe. Okay that was unnecessary but yeah, I'm wearing the lenses in both these pictures. 

    This was the only "clear" photo I got before my camera decided to be a bitch and die. I looked
    like a twat in the pic so I just cropped my eye >:)

    And that concludes my review, you guys know the drill. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. And if you haven't already (And I don't see why you haven't..) Follow us! 

    Until next time! Adios! ♥

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    Hello readers


    I know, I know. It's yet again been a while.
    And what I'm going to say is very predictable. We have all been very busy! :c Well actually I don't know but with the school term about to end, things are getting a lot more stressful but that is all about to end. The holidays are only a couple days away. We are really sorry for the absence.

    Forgive us? Come on with those faces, it'll be a sin to be angry ;)
    We will be posting more reviews soon enough! I have a few circle lenses I will review
    and a couple D.I.Y projects to share. 
    That is all and I hope all you readers have been well :)

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    Various skincare product review

    Skin Food - Black bean nose pack
    First thing I noticed when I opened the box was how much the products. It smelt like crap.. I can get headaches if I smell it for long periods of time.. image
    I wasn't quick to judge on the product though, I was still willing to give it a chance. This product was extremely painful to use. Felt like I was ripping my skin off. But it did a good job of getting rid of black heads! I'm more used to Biore strips but this product does a better job than Biore of getting rid of your gunk. Once I applied the strip to my nose though.. it tightened to a point I didn't feel comfortable.. but seeing the results.. I would definitely go through the pain for the same results.

    Read more »

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    "Various skincare product review" was Posted On: Wednesday, 1 February 2012 @02:15 | 5 comments
    The Body Shop Candied Ginger review

    I bought these few products from The Body Shop over Christmas break, at first I was unsure about the "ginger," it didn't sound nice at all until I got a whiff of the product. I don't know how to describe the scent but  I figure, it smells like ginger beer! Well ginger beer doesn't smell but.. it smells like the taste of ginger beer? Make sense? If not, kinda like a lollipop scent with a hint of ginger. All you need to know is this line smells freaking good!

    Candied Ginger lip balm ♥ I don't like the texture of this lipbalm to be honest, it's slightly sticky ;/
    I hate the feeling of sticky lipglosses/lipbalms/lipsticks. Feels so yukky but with this product, it's 
    only slightly sticky so it doesn't irritate me to an extreme point. You will only
    need a small amount to cover your lips, a little goes a long way. 

    Candied Ginger body scrub ♥  As soon as I opened the cap to this baby the scent made me fall in love. I love how natural this scrub smells, I hate artificial smelling products. They're usually too heavily scented or not even close to the natural scent -.-
    This scrub is surprisingly gentle, I expected it to be similar to the previous exfoliants/scrubs I have used which felt harsh on the skin and if you scrubbed hard enough you could hurt yourself with.
    Even though it's gentle it's effectiveness doesn't fall under the harsher scrubs. After using this product my skin looks somewhat brighter, has a slight glow and feels a hell lot softer!

    Candied Ginger body butter ♥ The Body shop's body butters are one of the top selling
    products in store. They are amazing at moisturizing skin, although they're a bite in the wallet, the effectiveness of the product is definitely worth what they're sold for. And they do last for ages! :)
    The texture is very creamy and absorbs quickly on the skin + it leaves you smelling great! The smell of
    the body butter lasts for atleast 4-5 hours!

    Candied Ginger shower gel ♥ OMG skin feels super duper soft after each use of this product! Plus it fills 
    up my bathroom with the "Candied ginger" scent. Mmm ;3 But honestly for the pricetag it isn't worth it.
    Many body washes from the supermarket can have the same effect. Not to say this isn't
    a great product, it is but many other products can offer the same benefits for a lower price tag.

    end of reviewww. until next time, baibai image

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    Gatsby moving rubber review - Spiky edge, Grunge mat, Wild shake and Loose shuffle

    Tbh I was running out of post ideas so I resulted to doing a review on Gatsby Moving Rubber! :D
    I'm a frequent user of Gatsby but I wouldn't say I'm one of those Gatsby fanboys "omg Gatsby omg omg omg" :/ I use a different colour for a different purpose.. they're probably not designed for the 
    hair purposes I use them for but they work for me so hey! ;)

    I'll start off with the basic info for the Gatsby noobs, Gatsby Moving Rubber is a Japanese hair wax. It's designed for guys but I don't see why girls can't use it. :) I remember this product being all the hype in 
    my Bebo days. Everybody was raving about these babies saying they were the best of the best! :D I get the regular size which is 80g and this usually lasts me for 5-6 months. So it's a good deal for it's buck. The line has several different formulas, each fit with a different purpose, gloss level and hold.

    The pink one's the one I use the most and is also the most popular of the Gatsby line. It has a strong hold, I never have to use hairspray after because it holds for pretty much the whole day but I find it difficult to get out of my hair, apart from that everything is *thumbs up*. I use "Spiky edge" to add volume to my limp, flat asian hair >:D I don't have to use a lot of product, my hair is half way down my back and I only need a dab of product for my whole head. 
    This one was my favourite before I used "Spiky edge." I use this product to define my layers. I only use this product when I have straight hair as the only purpose I have for it is to achieve a minimal "scene" hairstyle
    I don't have a lot to say about this one.

    I don't use this one a lot simply coz it does little to nothing for me. This product was created to give the "matte/no shine" effect and to add some texture to the hair. I use this n my very VERY lazy days where I grab some of the product and roughly distribute it in my hair. It's strength isn't strong so it doesn't make my hair go all crazy and stand on end when I roughly rub it in my hair. Grunge mat isn't sticky at all and it's great for those looking for natural looking volume in their hair or that slight "bounce." 

    Last but not least, I use dis orangee wun to add texture to my hair or to achieve the "bed head/messy" type look. I don't like using this product on poker straight hair as it's not flattering, for me anyways. As for the strength of the hold, it's quite weak. You'll have to fix it with hair spray if you want your hair style to last the day but that wasn't a biggie for me. The texture is a little too sticky for my liking (you have to distribute the product very quickly, as it does dry very fast. After a few moments it's hard to style with and becomes overly sticky) but this is still a great product! :) 

    I ALMOST FORGOT! Every single formula smells of green apples! <333

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    "Gatsby moving rubber review - Spiky edge, Grunge mat, Wild shake and Loose shuffle" was Posted On: Thursday, 5 January 2012 @21:27 | 2 comments

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