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    Gatsby Moving Rubber Air Rise review

    I don't know if you guys remember but I did a review on a few Gatsby waxes a couple months ago. Well this time I'm back with another one on the green one. The shade of green they used is really cuteee.
    I prefer the appearance of this wax to all the other colours. Haha but I'm not going to judge the quality of the product on it's appearance. That would just be wrong.. but it's so so cute! Just saying.

    I haven't heard a lot about the "Air Rise," most of my guy friends go for the pink or purple for it's hold and
    ability to style hair. Green is one of the least popular out of all the Moving rubbers, even after hearing this
    I don't know why I bought it, the reviews weren't great but I was glad I did because this became my 
    favourite wax from the whole collection. 

    So why you may ask? The texture of this product is very similar to moisturizer, it's very light and not thick and sticky like the pink and purple.. it's so light that you don't feel it in your hair at all. Feels like you aren't
    using any product. It creates a soft tousled look, great for those who want a bit of texture in their hair but nothing too wild. I would say this product is more for females as it goes better with longer layered hair.

    It's very easy to apply.. takes close to no effort. You just work it into your hair and it's done. I find with the other waxes you have to fix it a million times to get your hair in the position you want it to be in but with this one, it doesn't have such a strong hold so it's perfect for those on the go or don't want to spend so much time and effort with their hair.  For me, I just work it through my hair after straightning and fix it with some hair spray then I'm done. Simple and efffffective. SUPPPERRR EFFECTIVE* Okay excuse me for bein a dick, I just got home from a night out.. not exactly feeling myself.. woopdeedoo. And that's probably shown also in how I'm randomly highlighting stuff ;D 

    Oh and for those that haven't read the previous Gatsby review, all their moving rubber waxes smell like apples. Nomnomnom

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