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    Review : Geo Angel brown lenses

       Geo Angel brown ♥

    Diameter: 14mm
     Water Content: 42%
    Base Curve: 8.6
    Life Span: 1 Year

    Okay so I had a pair of these lenses earlier on in the year. Sadly they ripped so I couldn't wear them, only recently I decided to buy another pair simply because I love the tone of brown
    and pattern Geo used in this lens.
    The tone of brown looks very flattering on dark eyes. When I look at the design of these lenses, they look rather cartoon-ish? and dolly-like. I was unsure of these lenses when I first saw them but once they were in my eyes they didn't look bad at all. They look subtle and natural until one was to look at your eyes close-up. 
    Although they are subtle they add a very pretty sparkle to the eyes.
    These lenses are very comfortable and I don't feel any 
    hint of discomfort in the first 6 hours, so comfortable to a point I forget I'm wearing them. They also offer an obvious enlargement in eye size. There's
    a very dark, defined outer ring which gives off the enlarging effect. The ring creates an overall
     innocent/dolly eyed look.

    (was too lazy to do my eye makeup, so this will have to do) ;P

    Overall I think these lenses are perfect for those searching for a natural looking lens with an enlarging effect. 
    Well you know the drill, if you have any questions comment below and if you haven't 
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