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    Various skincare product review

    Skin Food - Black bean nose pack
    First thing I noticed when I opened the box was how much the products. It smelt like crap.. I can get headaches if I smell it for long periods of time.. image
    I wasn't quick to judge on the product though, I was still willing to give it a chance. This product was extremely painful to use. Felt like I was ripping my skin off. But it did a good job of getting rid of black heads! I'm more used to Biore strips but this product does a better job than Biore of getting rid of your gunk. Once I applied the strip to my nose though.. it tightened to a point I didn't feel comfortable.. but seeing the results.. I would definitely go through the pain for the same results.

    The Body Shop - Face Primer
    Got this last weekend.. for a hefty price tag too. Probably the most I've ever spent on a primer. I bought this co my NP Auto Pilot primer bursted.. Don't ask me how.. coz I don't have a single clue..
    This baby slightly stings/burns when I first applied it to my skin.. I wasn't sure if that was normal so I continued using it just to see. The burning/stinging did subside after a few uses. Thank goodness I didn't chuck it out (Because I'm one of those people that don't return things..)
    There's two versions to this primer, "Matte it" and "Moisture it." Matte's for oily skin and moisture is for
    dryer, sensitive or normal skin. I got the moisture it one. It creates a nice base for make up and
    is easily absorbed into skin plus it's moisturizing benefits are clearly noticed.

    Jill Stuart - Fruit lip balm in #2
    I've previously have this gloss in 102 Peach tint. Tbh I'm not sure if it's in the same line as this one because
    the packaging was slightly different.. but who knows, maybe they just adjusted their packaging. Anyways
    this lipbalm is real nice! And I'm not just saying that because the packaging is mega pretty image
    This lipbalm is pricey, not gonna front. It's around 20USD. But the quality doesn't come short! It is highly moisturizing and has a thick, glossy consistency but not sticky. I hate sticky lip products and also
    ones that feel very liquidy.. the texture of this lipbalm is perfect! It shows up clear on the lips, it's meant to give a hint of pink but I haven't noticed it.. but not that it bothers me. Oh and it's rose scented. Who can
    say no? image
    ( Plus I have to mention, when I first got the product I checked out the ingredients list and it is as
    natural as can be! With things such as fruit juices, shea butter.. etc, nothing dodgy. Not sure if that's the complete ingredient list though or just the things they want to have mentioned :/ )

    Shiseido - Ultimate Sun Protection lotion
    Been using this sunscreen for a year and a bit now. I use it under my make up, it's the first thing I aply to my face. It keeps my face matte throughout the day.  It has a light, runny texture. It leaves skin feeling silky and looking matte. It doesn't have that usual sunscreen smell which I detest which is another plus!
    I find that this product also brightens up my complexion making skin look clearer, healthier and brighter image
    It's ultralight and non-greasy, it's perfect even for those with oilier complexions. *thumbs up*

    The Face Shop - White Mud nose pack
    This product is quite messy, the texture is sticky but easy to wash off. 
    I find that this mask removes a lot of blackheads from the side of my nose but barely anything from the middle of my nose. And if you apply the product too thin, it won't peel as well.
    It's best to do this mask after a shower when your pores have
    opened up.

    Etude House - Honey Mask pack
    These actually come in a pack of 4 but I've already used up the other 3 x)
    Not only do these products contain honey but they also contain medical ingredients such as ginseng, red 
    ginseng, cactus and Angelica. The masks smell pretty herbal but standable. The consistency of the mask is exactly like honey, not the clumpy kind though. The smooth, runny kind. After using this mask your skin will feel impeccably smooth but the product is difficult to wash off. It's quite sticky.. so it would be easy
    to tissue it off before you rinse.. Other than that, this mask brightens your skin and leaves
    it feeling silk smooth and supple.

    [ The End ]

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