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    Various skincare product review

    Skin Food - Black bean nose pack
    First thing I noticed when I opened the box was how much the products. It smelt like crap.. I can get headaches if I smell it for long periods of time.. image
    I wasn't quick to judge on the product though, I was still willing to give it a chance. This product was extremely painful to use. Felt like I was ripping my skin off. But it did a good job of getting rid of black heads! I'm more used to Biore strips but this product does a better job than Biore of getting rid of your gunk. Once I applied the strip to my nose though.. it tightened to a point I didn't feel comfortable.. but seeing the results.. I would definitely go through the pain for the same results.

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    "Various skincare product review" was Posted On: Wednesday, 1 February 2012 @02:15 | 5 comments

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