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    Review: Geo tri-colour brown lenses

    Hello fellow bloggers ♥
    Well the title is pretty self explanatory but for the slow, I will be doing a short review on the Geo tri-colour brown lenses.

    I've had these lenses for a fair 3 months. Each time I wear them I usually have them in for up to 6 hours but any longer my eyes would start to feel quite dry. But during the 6 hours I don't feel any discomfort at all, nor do I feel the need for any eye drops.

    These lenses look very realistic as they have a slight grey ring on the outside, two tones of brown intertwining as the main ring and a slight golden yellow/orange inner ring. They are very close to a hazel colour. In some lightings they can make the eyes appear a greeny-brown and because there are 3 tones in the lenses, they look very natural. They offers a subtle change of eye colour, but I realize the colour is much more vibrant and noticeable in photographs than they are in real life.

    These lenses don't give off any effect of enlargement, they're exactly 14mm and are solely for colour change purposes.

    Overall I like the colour of these lenses, if you're going for a natural look but want the noticeable colour then I would strongly recommend these . For me I do prefer lenses which give off enlargement so these are a little down buzz for me but they look really nice on the eye nevertheless.

    Well that's the end of my review, if you have any questions feel free to leave comment below and if you haven't yet, go check out our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/happypi11 :)

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    May's Skin Care Routine & Product Review

    Everyone's skin types are different. There's combination, oily, dry and quite possibly more. I'm not an expert on skin care, and I'm trying to fight my battles with acne too, so I'm not saying I know everything about skin.

    My typical skincare routine as of now is:
    1. Cleanse
    2. Tone
    3. Moisturise
    4. Treat
    What do I mean by treat? 
    By treat I really mean treat my acne. This year, for some reason I've started to break out a lot on my forehead and I don't know why.. possibly because this year has been a lot more stressful for me but that's besides the point!

    Remember there is no right or wrong routine, as everyone's needs are different.

    The products I use
    No money for pricey skincare products? Unsure if they actually work for you? Have no fear, drugstore products are equally capable of doing the job as high-end ones whilst being cost effective too! You just have to do a little homework before heading out~

    I'm using pretty cheap items as a part of my routine.. so do they suck? No, actually, they're working pretty well. There are certain items that don't seem to be doing much for my skin and certain items that are working pretty well. Let's see..

    Read more »

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    Dueba: Bella Alamode Lenses - Extras

    You will find this video on our youtube channel, but I've forgotten to add pictures of the case at the end of the video! So uh here are some more pictures, so you can get a better view of the lenses and the case themselves.

    Excuse the cheesy camera skills :P

    yeeerr you can see HKs on the cases!!

    ..annnnd that's the left lens floating in the case.

    So remember when I asked if you could see the colour in the video? Yeah well the quality of the video turned out less than... satisfactory so here are some shots of my left and right eyes.


    So you can see that the colour of these lenses are pretty natural and you can see an enlarging ring around the lenses. The pattern looks very interesting on the eyes, and I guess the simplicity makes for a more natural appearance.

    Like my review? Thumb us (ahh the connotations... ) and leave a comment!


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    Geo Lily brown Circle lense review~ ❤

    I'm guessing you guys already know what this post is about judging from the title xD

    I ended up choosing this series because they were the most natural looking~ and yes, I am strangely drawn to natural things, I find natural things extremely appealing >3<

    **When you order and pair of lense at colorfulcircle.com, you get a supah sexeh case for each pair of lense for free ;D

    Yes, my chode finger.

    Sorry guys. I apologize for the rawness of my eyes =,,= I was going to wear some makeup, but something happened which caused me to forget .__.''

    As for the comfort, I wouldn't know much since I haven't tried any other brands apart from Geo. BUT what I do know is these 14mm lenses are MUCHI MUCHI MUUCH more comfortable then the larger 15mm Geo lense. They also don't move around as much :) I don't wear lenses on a daily basis, but when I do wear them it'll take around 3~4 hours to start feeling abit dry. To be honest it really just depends how tired I am that day >>

    Base Curve: 8.5mm
    Diameter: 14mm
    Water content: 38%
    Brand: Geo

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hey! So this is the main blog that links to our youtube channel. General blogging and more in-depth updates will go here, if they're not covered in our videos.

    If you haven't come across our channel, please check it out here.
    I know, I know, only one video is up but we'll be looking to put up an intro video up very soon :)
    Each one of us will be putting up some basic profile information about ourselves on the blog soon as well!

    So please check out our youtube to stay posted!


    - May xo

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