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    *RANT* Expired Cleansers. Be careful.

     Recently I've been wondering why my skin was starting to break out more and get irritated. I thought it was just genetics because my older brother has almost moon surface face

     (I seriously would've cried if it was genetics, cause nothing can cure that shet o(╥﹏╥)o). 

    Its not that bad, but it was pretty bad acne. I bought another (same) cleanser recently because its almost run out. Then I realized the old cleanser smells.... Kind of similar to feet. Lol. Well not exactly but SLIGHTLY. I think its expired and thats why my skins been growing strange bumps and all sorts .___. Its understandable, I've had the cleanser forever because I stopped using it for a few months and started using it again lawl 0,,0

    Man with Flowers Foam cleanser Punica. Got it from Kosco (Local asian supermarket)
    It has the actress who played Jandi in Boys over flowers! I love her xD

    Yeah so compared to my new one, which has a perfect pleasant scent, the old one has a slight hint of gross. I also used the new one today, and compared to the old one, it made my skin more soft and velvet-like, and I've stopped using my old one and my skin is starting to get better. Exactly the same product,  different manufacture date makes a huge difference(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    As of this moment, there's a really annoying brat outside my window screaming her heart out. I'm sorry I sound like a horrible bitch but its been going on for the longest time and I swear my ears are gonna start bleeding soon =,,=

    Random doodling. I never draw left eyes, because I just don't. It always ends up funny and ruins the entire thing Aish.

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    "*RANT* Expired Cleansers. Be careful." was Posted On: Thursday, 8 December 2011 @19:14 | 2 comments

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