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    Geo Forest gray circle lens review

    Yet another circle lens review! Because I'm a circle lense freak. 
    This time around, I will be review the GEO forest gray lens! I desperately wanted this lens after seeing this
    picture right here. 

    They looked so pretty and I liked how in the picture the lens appeared actual grey. Most grey lenses
    I have tried in the past seem to look blue and I hated that. After I recieved these lenses in the mail and tried them on.. I was left rather dissapointed, I realized the picture above was edited or taken in very good lighting because when I tried on this lens.. it looked nothing like they do in the picture. 
    They looked bluey.. -.- FML and the pattern didn't suit me at all, it looked very dolly and didn't suit my make up style. So far, in the month I have purchased them I've only worn them out twice and I don't
    plan to wear them any more than that. 

    Apart from the dissapointment of the appearance the lens like all the other GEO lenses are very comfortable and don't feel dry and stick to your eye too often. There was no sign of itchiness or redness. All is good. *thumbs up*

    I'm not saying the appearance of these lenses is bad, I'm saying that they weren't for me. They don't suit me  or look the way I want them too. But if you like the way they look then go ahead and buy them :) 

    I will try to blog again soon to apologize for the lack of posts the past few months so I will save goodbye for the next post >:)

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    "Geo Forest gray circle lens review" was Posted On: Tuesday, 3 July 2012 @15:24 | 1 comments

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