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    Happy New Years!

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    And so, that concludes another year. Just like that. And what does that mean? It means we get to turn a new leaf and start over. I think this will be a long post so brace yourselves guys, this one's a novel. *prepares for the sudden decline in followers*
    Before I begin, gotta say sorry for the lack of updates. I stopped updating because exams were nearing and I didn't want to immerse myself at that point in time. It's the holidays now, and the other girls have been updating but me... well something personal popped up and I had to hold back for a bit. But I guess I'm back.. a little too late? hehe...

    (Enough with the excuses already -___-")

    Here in our city, it's been hectic. You see our culture is pretty chilled, quite slow-paced and quiet. We don't have a rich city-life, the phrase 'hustle and bustle' is rarely heard of here. I'm sure it's pretty much known that we've been affected by earthquakes and aftershocks since September last year. Hell, everyone is probably getting sick and tired of the constant updates involving earthquakes. 

    So what? What am I trying to say? I can say anything because I'm okay and nothing has happened to me right? What about the ones who are suffering?
    So what you ask? So we can start over. We are presented with challenges each year, and they're all different. It just so happens that some are more affected than others by this particular challenge. For those who are suffering, a new year bares a new hope. As long as we try, we can always improve ourselves for the better. We can improve the way we live if we try and just leave the past behind - leave the old behind and await the new year. 

    Years before, I never made a new years resolution. For these few years, I'd been a typical teenager, ridden with worries, with stress and bouts of depression. Why? I had no goals or challenges. I can't say my life was extremely difficult, I was pretty free.. but I felt quite unfulfilled. Okay so I'm not saying your life is guaranteed to be pansies and rainbows once you start goal-setting, but I'd say feeling satisfied is pretty darn close. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment!

    What I wanna do:
    • I want to take school seriously
    • I want to become more open-minded
    • I want to achieve with excellence
    • I want a job
    Most of all...
    • I want to be happier.
    Schooling means a lot to me, and I take it pretty seriously already... I guess I always have. But I'm off to uni (or "College" as some of you may call it -___-") in 2 years, so I've gotta make up my mind about what I want to do with myself. The other apart from the excellence goal are quite loosely set. Why? Because they are a lot more achievable than something overtly specific. I like to make sure that they are achievable, and realistic.

    Remember the year is yours. Need to rethink your priorities? Had a rough year of relationships? No problem, this is the time to think about YOU and what you want to achieve. Change your life plan, leave the people who pull you down behind - do it for your own happiness.

    Annnd we're done. What are some of your goals you'd like to achieve? What means a lot to you? Comments are always welcome :).

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