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    Susanna's Updated Skincare routine

    Long time no post, how have you all been? 
    To say the least, all us here at HAPPYPI11 have been good, Did you guys miss us? If it's gonna
    hurt, don't say anything haha. It's been so long since any of us properly posted. *Sorry* ;_;
    It's been long overdue for another post, it took me a while to think of what to post and also because
    I haven't posted in so long, this also feels quite unfamiliar. So last minutely I decided to update my skincare routine as I have replaced quite a few products in my regime.

    Pore clearing face scrub ♥

    I began using a scrub by Tenosix. Or now they call it Formula 10.0.6.
    I admit I first bought this scrub because of it's packaging. I'm weak for cute packaging but thankfully, this 
    product carried out what it said it will. I really like this scrub. It works better than other scrubs I've tried. It minimizes my blackheads and make my pores look almost non existent. It quickly removes all my dead skin in a second and also helps to remove left over makeup and dirt. Another plus is it smells really nice too. 

    Skin clarifying mud mask ♥

    Again I bought this product because of it's packaging and also the fact I like buying products from the same line/brand as it looks more "together." And I also believe products in the same line work best together.
    This mask I use once every 3 days as if I use it more, it dries out my skin 
    When I first used this mask, it hurt, a lot! My face felt a slight cooling sensation the first couple seconds then I felt my face heating up. Then my face stung like a bitch but if this product works like it says it does, I'll say the pain is worth it. So I managed to keep this mask on for the recommended 10-15 minutes but boy was I glad to wash this bitch off when it was time. I found that it really worked down into the pores and cleaned them out, clearing my skin immensely. I love it to bits! The second time using this product it felt a lot better, just a slight tingle. But after each use I have to moisturize my skin twice as much on regular days as I find this mask extremely drying but still, it works great! Also on days where I use this mask, I don't exfoliate.. I don't wanna add more damage to what's already damaging. 

    Daily foaming cleanser

    Hehehe yes, I bought this one for it's looks too. But but but, this product works like a charm too! 
    This face cleanser has passion fruit, green tea, and chamomile. It foams up after 5 seconds of massaging and the smell stays while your washing your face. I don’t think the smell of this cleanser is too strong; it has a little floral smell that isn’t overwhelming. I think the smell is a combination of floral and herbal scents. After I rinse my face, I could immediately feel that this cleanser really washed the oil and dirt from my skin. This cleanser is not formulated to cure any skin imperfection such as acne; it was designed to cleanse your face, which is very important to prevent blemishes.

    Milk skin moisturiser & Milk emulsion/toner

    I've already introduced these two products in my previous skin care routine. I don't have much new to say about them so I'll just copy+paste my reviews from last time.

    "Milk contains properties which soothes, hydrates and moisturizes. 
    This moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves a light pleasant fragrance."

    "Has a slight "honey" kind of scent. It's very light and soothing. I use this before applying the
                             moisturizer. Skin feels extra smooth after using this."
    By now, I am absolutely in love with these two, I use these two products back by back every day. They really do wonders! I use the toner first then the moisturiser straight afterwards. My skin feels silky smooth! The products in the pictures are already my 3rd and 4th bottles. I don't ever think I will give up on them or there could be any product better. 

    Well that once again, concludes my post for today. Hopefully I can be bothered to write another post soon but until then I hope you readers stay well and happy *excuse my cheesy shit* but I really mean it :) Happy reading.


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