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    Circle lenses : Basic care and information

    So lets start off with the basic questions.

    What are circle lenses?
    Circle lenses are like your average contact lenses but contain a larger diametre. They are created for those who want bigger looking, dolly-like eyes. These lenses are very popular among Asian teenagers and their popularity is spreading it's wings towards Western countries. 

    Introducing my Brazilian friend who is also seen sporting the Asian trend (>^^)> 
    (yes I know, she's freaking pretty!)

    Are circle lenses safe to use?
    Ok a lot of people will have different opinions on this question but in my opinion, no.
    I reckon if you take care of your lenses properly, clean them properly and follow the basic care tips, you will be fine. Also not wearing them for longer than 8 hours a day or on a regular basis. Also for the stupid and uninitiated, NEVER share your lenses!
    ( Note : Circle lenses are thicker than regular contact lenses which makes it harder for oxygen to reach your cornea, so wearing them on a daily basis is not a good idea!)

    How do I take care of my circle lenses?
    Basic steps to caring for your circle cleans. After each use store your lenses in fresh solution, never use old solution! It is also important to not wear the lenses for more than 6-8 hours as they can be 
    potentially damaging after that. Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean
    when applying or taking out circle lenses. Never wear your lenses to bed. If you
    experience any discomfort at all, take your lenses out.
    Always put on lenses before you apply your make up :)
    Don't use the lenses for over a year.

    How to put in circle lenses

    • To start off, make sure your hands are clean
    • Place the lens on your index finger of the hand corresponding to the eye your putting the lens in
    • Using the index finger of your other hand gently pull down your lower eyelid
    • Now it's time to put it your lens, don't look directly at your finger moving towards your eye as this will cause your eyelids to naturally react and close.
    • Once the lens is in your eye, release the finger tugging onto your lower eyelid and blink.
    Taking out circle lenses
    • Again, start off with clean hands
    • Ok for beginners, use your index finger to lower your lower eyelid. 
    • Then drag the lens downwards, this will create a bubble under the lens.
    • Now you pinch the lens, be careful not to pinch your eye -_-
    • Once you get use to this technique, you will soon be able to pinch out the lens without having to move your lower eyelid or lowering the lens.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and we'll try
    our best to help you out.

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