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    ♚Summer BB: SKINFOOD Red Orange Jelly BB, #2 Natural Beige, 25g

    *Slaps Self* Haha at first time I used this product, I thought I made another yet terrible mistake.
    I usually apply Toner> Moisturiser after washing my face, but I forgot and applied the bb Jelly straight away then I complained to everyone how drying it was =,,= derpderp.

    ♚RECOMMENDED SKIN TYPES: For this BB Jelly, I think if you have Normal to combination/Oily skin It'll work the best.

    ♚SEASON: This is an AMAZING BB for summer, made for the season yo, as you sweat more and this bb won't slip and slide everywhere. I noticed with most bb creams by the end of the day my face will look TOO shiny. I like dewy skin, but looking like someone just soaked you with grease is a completely different story haha ^^;;
    But with this one, my skin still looks almost like in the morning I applied it. Personally having dry skin, I won't likely to use it in winter though (Prob only my forehead lol).

    I have dry skin, and an oily T-Zone, which means before I use this BB Jelly I have to apply generous amounts of emulsion and moisturiser. Tip, If you do have dry skin, let your previous emulsions/moisturiser get almost fully absorbed because this Jelly BB doesn't mix TOO well with other moisturisers, its not bad when it does, but its not the best either la.

    ♚COVERAGE: I has mild pinkish bumps here and there + uneven skintone and the coverage for this is sheer, and my skin looks natural!!! I tried layering it, but I found layering is SLIGHTLY more difficult that other creams. Maybe because its not cream, it duh jello. But the lasting power is GOOD, with other BB creams usually it oxidises and becomes more sheer after applying it and I have to admit its annoying BUT NOT WIS THIS ONE!! *happyhappy*

    ♚FINISH: Is matte, alos very very smooth. mmmm...smooooth xD

    The pact isn't anything too extra ordinary, gets rid of all the grease on my forehead. YAY!

      A++ For Oily/Combination skin types (Especially hot weather)
      B+ For Combination/normal dry-ish/awkward skin types.
    I guess dry skin can use it on those sweaty hot days ^^

    Other notes: It smells like the orange falvoured Jello you buy at the Supermarket.

    I will have some before after pics up soon ^^

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    "♚Summer BB: SKINFOOD Red Orange Jelly BB, #2 Natural Beige, 25g" was Posted On: Wednesday, 21 December 2011 @03:14 | 1 comments

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