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    Gatsby moving rubber review - Spiky edge, Grunge mat, Wild shake and Loose shuffle

    Tbh I was running out of post ideas so I resulted to doing a review on Gatsby Moving Rubber! :D
    I'm a frequent user of Gatsby but I wouldn't say I'm one of those Gatsby fanboys "omg Gatsby omg omg omg" :/ I use a different colour for a different purpose.. they're probably not designed for the 
    hair purposes I use them for but they work for me so hey! ;)

    I'll start off with the basic info for the Gatsby noobs, Gatsby Moving Rubber is a Japanese hair wax. It's designed for guys but I don't see why girls can't use it. :) I remember this product being all the hype in 
    my Bebo days. Everybody was raving about these babies saying they were the best of the best! :D I get the regular size which is 80g and this usually lasts me for 5-6 months. So it's a good deal for it's buck. The line has several different formulas, each fit with a different purpose, gloss level and hold.

    The pink one's the one I use the most and is also the most popular of the Gatsby line. It has a strong hold, I never have to use hairspray after because it holds for pretty much the whole day but I find it difficult to get out of my hair, apart from that everything is *thumbs up*. I use "Spiky edge" to add volume to my limp, flat asian hair >:D I don't have to use a lot of product, my hair is half way down my back and I only need a dab of product for my whole head. 
    This one was my favourite before I used "Spiky edge." I use this product to define my layers. I only use this product when I have straight hair as the only purpose I have for it is to achieve a minimal "scene" hairstyle
    I don't have a lot to say about this one.

    I don't use this one a lot simply coz it does little to nothing for me. This product was created to give the "matte/no shine" effect and to add some texture to the hair. I use this n my very VERY lazy days where I grab some of the product and roughly distribute it in my hair. It's strength isn't strong so it doesn't make my hair go all crazy and stand on end when I roughly rub it in my hair. Grunge mat isn't sticky at all and it's great for those looking for natural looking volume in their hair or that slight "bounce." 

    Last but not least, I use dis orangee wun to add texture to my hair or to achieve the "bed head/messy" type look. I don't like using this product on poker straight hair as it's not flattering, for me anyways. As for the strength of the hold, it's quite weak. You'll have to fix it with hair spray if you want your hair style to last the day but that wasn't a biggie for me. The texture is a little too sticky for my liking (you have to distribute the product very quickly, as it does dry very fast. After a few moments it's hard to style with and becomes overly sticky) but this is still a great product! :) 

    I ALMOST FORGOT! Every single formula smells of green apples! <333

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    "Gatsby moving rubber review - Spiky edge, Grunge mat, Wild shake and Loose shuffle" was Posted On: Thursday, 5 January 2012 @21:27 | 2 comments

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