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    Hey sexy babiess
    Happypi11 ♥ Welcome ;) This page is ran by 3 girls from New Zealand. Our page has no specific genre but it'll mostly consist of beauty tips, reviews and probably a few rants and vents strung in between. Follow us for free hugs and cookies. xx


    Hello readers


    I know, I know. It's yet again been a while.
    And what I'm going to say is very predictable. We have all been very busy! :c Well actually I don't know but with the school term about to end, things are getting a lot more stressful but that is all about to end. The holidays are only a couple days away. We are really sorry for the absence.

    Forgive us? Come on with those faces, it'll be a sin to be angry ;)
    We will be posting more reviews soon enough! I have a few circle lenses I will review
    and a couple D.I.Y projects to share. 
    That is all and I hope all you readers have been well :)

    "Hello readers" was Posted On: Monday, 2 April 2012 @19:15 | 1 comments

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