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    Hey sexy babiess
    Happypi11 ♥ Welcome ;) This page is ran by 3 girls from New Zealand. Our page has no specific genre but it'll mostly consist of beauty tips, reviews and probably a few rants and vents strung in between. Follow us for free hugs and cookies. xx



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    Hey! So this is the main blog that links to our youtube channel. General blogging and more in-depth updates will go here, if they're not covered in our videos.

    If you haven't come across our channel, please check it out here.
    I know, I know, only one video is up but we'll be looking to put up an intro video up very soon :)
    Each one of us will be putting up some basic profile information about ourselves on the blog soon as well!

    So please check out our youtube to stay posted!


    - May xo

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