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    May's Skin Care Routine & Product Review

    Everyone's skin types are different. There's combination, oily, dry and quite possibly more. I'm not an expert on skin care, and I'm trying to fight my battles with acne too, so I'm not saying I know everything about skin.

    My typical skincare routine as of now is:
    1. Cleanse
    2. Tone
    3. Moisturise
    4. Treat
    What do I mean by treat? 
    By treat I really mean treat my acne. This year, for some reason I've started to break out a lot on my forehead and I don't know why.. possibly because this year has been a lot more stressful for me but that's besides the point!

    Remember there is no right or wrong routine, as everyone's needs are different.

    The products I use
    No money for pricey skincare products? Unsure if they actually work for you? Have no fear, drugstore products are equally capable of doing the job as high-end ones whilst being cost effective too! You just have to do a little homework before heading out~

    I'm using pretty cheap items as a part of my routine.. so do they suck? No, actually, they're working pretty well. There are certain items that don't seem to be doing much for my skin and certain items that are working pretty well. Let's see..


    Rolled Oats 

    Never thought oats can be used as a cleanser did you? (Unless you watch bubzbeauty, then I've got nothing to wow you with..). I grab a handful of the oats and place it in a soy dish filled with water. I wait for the oats to become soaked and pour out the excess water, grab the mush and squeeze out the milky liquid (insert dodgy joke here) and put it over my face. Then I put the mush onto my face and massage until it's covered. I then rinse.. and pat my face dry.. tada! My face would be feeling softer even without toner or moisturiser!


    JuJu Cosmetics Natural JUJU
    Moisture Aloe Toner (Rich) ($11.40)
    I have to say for it's price, there is a decent amount of product in the bottle. This baby got a 5-star rating on sasa.com and the comments were mostly good (well.. the five stars have to mean something right?). I actually meant to get the normal version of this (Non-Rich) but it sold out so.. I just got this one loh... And it's proving to be effective because my skin is feeling super soft these days. I put some on a cotton pad and massage into my face and neck after cleansing.

    The only thing the disappointed me was the actual size of the bottle. Don't get me wrong... there is heaps in there but I just thought it was bigger.. like bigger than the size of my face, but I guess you can't ask for too much. 5 Stars for this toner.

    Yanwaili Refining &
    Moistursing Whitening Moisture Lotion ($9~11)
    Like the bottle indicates, it's meant to have some sort of whitening effect but tbh.. I don't notice any difference. As for the moisturising aspect, yeap, I have to say it's working. It's a light, gel-like consistency and it goes on nicely. Doesn't feel sticky and it leaves my face feeling supple.  New Zealand's right under the hole in the ozone layer so the sun is pretty strong here... and for asians, we tan pretty easily. So actually good the whitening effect doesn't work, otherwise I'll look like a noob walking around with a white face and tanned body O___O.

    Oh and I have to tell you there is no pump.. so you kinda have to shake the product out.. a tad disappointing but I guess I'll live. I rate this 5 stars

    Clearasil Rapid Action
     Pimple Cream (Forgot the price :P)
    Clearasil claims that this spot-treatment works in 4 hours. I've seen the commercial and I thought it was complete BS... but somehow when I saw it on the self... it caught my eye. If you're looking for something that will get rid of the pimple completely in four hours.. keep looking. Clearasil however doesn't claim that it does do that so.. I suppose it's working for me. Usually I put this on my spots at night,  and I wake up with reduced pimple size. So it's not gone, it's just smaller.. The tube is pretty small, so if you're looking for something to cover your entire face.. this isn't going to last long and it's not worth it.. if you're living in NZ.
    And I give 3 1/2 stars for this one. Mainly because of it's small size.

    By the end of reading this, you'll probably have realised that most products these days have ridiculously and unnecessarily long names. Why so long? Aiyah if someone were advertising these products for a commercial,  most of the 30 or so seconds would be taken up by saying the names alone... -__-" Hopefully I could shed some light on the effectiveness of cheaper products, because it's actually not the price the determines if the product works or not. Sure, some products may be more expensive and may actually work better, but until you try them all, you don't know. But the choice is entirely up to you, I could just be being a super cheap asian student.. :S.

    If there is anything that I haven't covered.. leave a comment. Do ask questions, I'll try my best to answer them fully :).

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