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    Geo Lily brown Circle lense review~ ❤

    I'm guessing you guys already know what this post is about judging from the title xD

    I ended up choosing this series because they were the most natural looking~ and yes, I am strangely drawn to natural things, I find natural things extremely appealing >3<

    **When you order and pair of lense at colorfulcircle.com, you get a supah sexeh case for each pair of lense for free ;D

    Yes, my chode finger.

    Sorry guys. I apologize for the rawness of my eyes =,,= I was going to wear some makeup, but something happened which caused me to forget .__.''

    As for the comfort, I wouldn't know much since I haven't tried any other brands apart from Geo. BUT what I do know is these 14mm lenses are MUCHI MUCHI MUUCH more comfortable then the larger 15mm Geo lense. They also don't move around as much :) I don't wear lenses on a daily basis, but when I do wear them it'll take around 3~4 hours to start feeling abit dry. To be honest it really just depends how tired I am that day >>

    Base Curve: 8.5mm
    Diameter: 14mm
    Water content: 38%
    Brand: Geo

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    "Geo Lily brown Circle lense review~ ❤" was Posted On: Sunday, 16 October 2011 @12:45 | 2 comments

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