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    Dueba: Bella Alamode Lenses - Extras

    You will find this video on our youtube channel, but I've forgotten to add pictures of the case at the end of the video! So uh here are some more pictures, so you can get a better view of the lenses and the case themselves.

    Excuse the cheesy camera skills :P

    yeeerr you can see HKs on the cases!!

    ..annnnd that's the left lens floating in the case.

    So remember when I asked if you could see the colour in the video? Yeah well the quality of the video turned out less than... satisfactory so here are some shots of my left and right eyes.


    So you can see that the colour of these lenses are pretty natural and you can see an enlarging ring around the lenses. The pattern looks very interesting on the eyes, and I guess the simplicity makes for a more natural appearance.

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