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    Hey sexy babiess
    Happypi11 ♥ Welcome ;) This page is ran by 3 girls from New Zealand. Our page has no specific genre but it'll mostly consist of beauty tips, reviews and probably a few rants and vents strung in between. Follow us for free hugs and cookies. xx


    New Goals (◕‿◕✿)

    Herro sexy ladeys and bois! So lately I've started going for daily runs and eating healthier A,,A
    And no people, this isn't one of those stupid diets where I eat 3 carrot sticks a day and a piece of toast. I still eat what I used to eat, but I've just made little REALISTIC changes that suite me and my lifestyle. They're changes I can probably keep for the rest of my life :D

    Sorry random faggot camwhore moment <3

    I've also been looking for something to invest in.  I was thinking about getting a new cellphone, but I chose to save up for a camera instead ^3^
     **Cause I got my job back at my parents restaurant. last time I got fired and I raged because some white old man complained how unfriendly I am and I was like "WTF???" because I try very hard to smile and be friendly and instead he says to me "Why do you look so unhappy? If YOU think you're having a bad day, imagine how people at funerals feel" And shit like that. Wtf who does he think he is. He does not know SHIT about anything or any freaking ONE!

    I found out which camera Xiaxue used to use, its a sexy cross between a compact and a DSLR, and the retro style is really. Hot. I love this design compared to the new curvey-futuristic looking cameras these days. Simple and square.⊙ω⊙ I think she blinged hers out with pearls, rose baby pink swarovski crystals, but I'm too clueless about what kind of glue to be used that won't damamge my surface when I want to take it off later so. Gonna keep it clean ;D

    Just found a picture of hers XD

    Panasonic Lumix XL5
    It's SUPER CUTE! (◡‿◡✿) At the moment the most inexpensive I found was at a website for $555NZD. Hopefully while I save up it'll go down ;D *Cheap asian mode*
    Because I found these days alot of cameras have all these futuristic looking curves and "sleek" Design but I love how toy-ish, fun, square, and oldschool this babey looks >3<

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    "New Goals (◕‿◕✿)" was Posted On: Monday, 28 November 2011 @13:35 | 3 comments

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